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PenrodEllis Forensic Data Discovery (FDD) provides Data Preservation, Electronic Discovery, and Computer Forensic services to individuals and organizations anticipating or actively engaged in any type of litigation or criminal matter involving Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

PenrodEllis also provides Network Security evaluations and forensics-based incident response investigations to small and medium businesses, including attorney's offices.

PenrodEllis FDD of Denver, Colorado provides expert consulting and testifying services in any matter requiring the preservation of electronically stored information, e-discovery, digital investigation, digital forensics or incident response. Our experts have been conducting computer examinations since 1997. PenrodEllis forensic computer examiners are experts in data preservation, computer investigations and edd.



PenrodEllis Forensic Data Discovery is owned and operated by David J. Penrod. Regardless of your situation or needs, you can rely on Mr. Penrod's discretion and professionalism. He will zealously safeguard your privacy - be it personal or organizational - as well the integrity and confidentiality of your ESI. Click HERE for a full description of all available services.

Although forensic computer examinations and litigation support are his core services, Mr. Penrod also provides forensic solutions for organizations conducting confidential internal investigations and individuals requiring assistance with private domestic matters.

Investigative services available to organizations include forensically recovering electronic evidence of the theft, infringement, or misappropriation of:

  • Intellectual property, including trade secrets and client information;
  • Tangible assets and other property, including computers and mobile phones;
  • Financial assets.

Other or similar forms of employee misconduct can be forensically investigated as well:

  • Viewing restricted files, internal communications, or employee email;
  • Accessing personal and financial information of clients or employees;
  • Misusing the organization's private network for personal gain;
  • Providing competitors the organization's proprietary information;
  • Erasing, removing, or copying confidential corporate ESI.

Confidential forensic services for individuals and families include:

  • Monitoring children's' computer usage and online activities;
  • Recovery of spouse or partner's email messages, chat logs, social networking records, Internet browsing history, and personal, financial, or business information;
  • Detection and removal of remote auditing and reporting programs installed clandestinely by one's spouse or partner, including key logger and screen capture (snapshot) applications;
  • Detection and removal of remote surveillance and tracking programs as well as the hidden electronic devices used to record or report one's location, such as personal and vehicular GPS trackers.

Data recovery is another available service. Mr. Penrod can salvage and restore all deleted ESI on a malfunctioning drive or just a single file on a fully operative one.

Whether one's needs are simple or complex, from preserving Electronically Stored Information to analyzing file metadata, PenrodEllis FDD can help. Mr. Penrod is a certified expert in the forensic analysis of computer evidence. With offices in the Denver Tech Center, he can serve clients throughout the western United States, from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. 

PenrodEllis Forensic Data Discovery

200 South Wilcox Street, Suite 327

Castle Rock, Colorado 80104

(303) 945-6006