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PenrodEllis Forensic Data Discovery (FDD) in the Denver (Colorado) Tech Center provides Electronic Discovery, Computer Forensics, and Incident Response services to any person or organization engaged in any type of judicial matter involving Electronically Stored Informa-tion. Mr. David J. Penrod, the owner and operator of PenrodEllis FDD, regularly testifies under oath as an expert witnesses in civil, criminal, and administrative cases before both state and federal courts.


Through PenrodEllis FDD, Mr. Penrod provides the following services in eDiscovery and Computer Forensics to plaintiffs or respondents: 

Collect authenticated forensic bit-stream images from client's computers & digital storage devices

Process forensic images to filter known files, recover deleted files, identify compressed & encrypted files, & mount compound files

Examine potentially pertinent data using keywords & other special expressions

Establish or refute allegations, suggest alternate theories & support decision making


Mr. Penrod provides the following expert witness services in Computer Forensics to defendants in criminal matters through PenrodEllis FDD:

Review law enforcement incident, investigative & forensic reports as well as affidavits & sworn testimony

Evaluate the handling & processing of seized electronic data storage devices

Examine forensic bit-stream image files collected by law enforcement

Recover incriminating, corroborative, exculpatory & mitigating evidence

Mr. Penrod has 32 years trial experience. In Colorado, he has testified at depositions, hearings, and trials in Boulder, Breckenridge, Brighton, Canon City, Colorado Springs, Denver, Englewood, Fort Collins, Golden, Grand Junction, Greeley, and Montrose. He has also testified in Los Angeles and Fresno, California; Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona; Madison, Wisconsin; and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Regardless of one's case or service needs, Mr. Penrod will deliver frank, trustworthy case assessments to clients and their attorneys. In civil matters involving eDiscovery, he can process large volumes of ESI and recover potentially relevant data in a matter of days - not weeks or months. For legal matters involving digital forensics or network security investigations, he will provide timely and well written expert reports, develop multimedia exhibits and examination questions (both direct and cross) for expert witnesses, and testify under oath.

Mr. Penrod often assists those whose financial means are not as well developed as others. Through PenrodEllis FDD, Mr. Penrod provides digital forensics to indigent defendants in criminal cases (including defendants represented by state and county public defenders) and persons seeking redress in civil court who may not have complete access to litigation support services due to their economic condition or personal situations.

PenrodEllis Forensic Data Discovery

200 South Wilcox Street, Suite 327

Castle Rock, Colorado 80104

(303) 945-6006